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Functional Plastics

PMPS Particles act as micro-sponges and can absorb every metal of the periodic table as well as other small organics, such as fragrances and organic anti-bacterials. They are the right size and shape, and are robust enough, to be compounded into polymers. They can be used as a delivery vehicle to carry chemical actives into polymer, or rubber, matrices.

Please refer to Extended Applications for an example of the containment and slow release of ammonium phosphate from polymer fibres with the aid of PMPS Particles.

PMPS Particles can be added to thermoplastics up to and equalling 4% w/w without any detrimental effect on the physical properties of the plastic. They can be added up to and equalling 15% w/w in rubbers without effect on the rubber.

Loaded PMPS Particles do not require any special processing or change to the plastic moulding procedure. They can be dispersed with the desired thermoplastic and added directly into the compounding chamber before being moulded.

The following image shows a 3 mm x 1 mm compounded pellet of polypropylene containing 0.5% w/w PMPS Particles.


Being black in colour, the beads do have a colouring effect on any white / colourless thermoplastic.

black plastic

This can be masked through the addition of a few percent of another strong colour, as indicated in the following images. Injection moulded flow lines can be used to create a patterned effect if using a combination of white and coloured additives.



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