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Fragranced PVC Floor Tiles

Scented floor tiles - created by Exilica in collaboration with fragrance supplier Seven Scent and injection moulding specialists Barkley Plastics - have been installed in toilets on Coventry University campus.
tiled floor surface The trial will provide robust data on the tiles’ ability to mask residual odours in this environment and provide a strong platform to take the product to a wider audience. Using Exilica’s micro-particle technology, floor tiles manufactured by Barkley Plastics have been loaded with a fragrance supplied by Seven and an anti-bacterial agent; ensuring the toilets smell pleasant and stay clean at all times. The use of a perfume, as opposed to a scent traditionally associated with bathroom cleaners, gives the tiles a genuine point of difference.
Seven created a sophisticated blend that combines orange flower with warm, woody, oriental notes. This technology is transferable to carpet tiles and PVC flooring and the current fragranced floor tiles are also not confined to just use in toilets.
They can be used for general use in a garage, work shop area or garden shed. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing some. Colours include Dark grey, Blue, Red and Yellow.




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